Can I Still Make Money With Ebay Partner Network?

Can I Still Make Money With Ebay Partner Network?Several years ago I used to make money as an affiliate of the eBay Partner Network. It used to be easy money and started to amount to a good monthly income. Then EPN changed its system and the earnings stopped virtually overnight. This was annoying but no big issue for me as my main source of income is my Police Pension. However for many internet marketers it caused untold stress and havoc.

Since that time I have ceased using or promoting EPN and have not earned any commissions from them as a result.

However I have had one customer who I had built a website for who had decided to discontinue its use. I had already paid its renewal for two years so I now have a redundant url which has cost me £14 for which I am out of pocket.

I have therefore decided to experiment with affiliate marketing again with the sole purpose to see if I can make any money using the Ebay Partner Network. [Read more…]

Wood Turning Project By A Beginner – Jewellery Display

Wood Turning Project By A Beginner - Jewellery Display

Wood Turning Project By A Beginner – Jewellery Display. I have recently ordered a selection of Swarovski Elements together with the silver fixing bails and silver chains to sell at antique fairs where we display our antique silver. Whilst these items are not antique they are small cheap impulse buys for those who browse these fairs but who do not have the money to purchase expensive items. They make ideal little gifts. [Read more…]

Peek Video Site Testing For Free

peek user testing for freeHave you heard of Peek User Testing ? No ? then you are not alone. I had no idea what it was about until recently. I headed over to their website and discovered they offered a user experience test on any website for free. Well as it was free I thought I would give it a try. I submitted my website url of our antique silver website Silver2treasure as I am currently investing some time and effort into improving and driving more traffic to the site. I thought a practical review by a real user would help. [Read more…]