Problems With Webhosting UK

I was sat at my computer the other day when an email popped into my inbox from a customer of mine who I had built a business website for. She was very annoyed and upset because her caravan rental website was displaying my antique silver website when displayed in her browser. This started another … [Read more...]

Save Money On Your Domain Name Purchase

Save Money On Your Doamin Name Purchase

I recently built a website for a customer who had already purchased his domain name for his company. I had to transfer the DNS settings to my hosting account and was surprised how easy it was to do with this company. I was also surprised when my customer told me how little he had paid for his domain … [Read more...]

Ivybridge Devon Earthquake 4.1 Magnitude


At about 1320 today Thursday 20th February 2014 I was sat at my desk at home in Ivybridge when I felt the house shake. The chair I was sat on shook slightly as did the desk. It was sufficient for me to get up and check around the house to see if there was any damage. The good news was I could see … [Read more...]